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This form is to be completed ONLY for Existing USSF Soccer referees transferring from another State or State Association, or for NTX referees that need to reactivate their NTX account.
Those that have never been a referee before should go to : New Referee Registration

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Terms and Conditions

I am (or soon will be) a resident of Texas. I understand that by successfully completing the educational requirements and registering with the USSF, Inc. as a referee, I am entitled to act as a game official at the appropriate level of competition indicated by my approved grade. I understand that my registration does not guarantee my receipt of any specific refereeing assignments and does not apply to non-USSF affiliated games. I further understand that my registration with USSF and/or NTX does not create an employment contract or an employment relationship with USSF and/or NTX.

I also certify that I have no physical illness or impairment which will make participation in soccer-related activities dangerous to me.

I agree to participate in, and comply with, the risk management program of the Organization member through which I am participating

Registrant represents that the information contained in the form shall be true and correct, and that Registrant has not lied about, misrepresented or otherwise falsified such information.

By clicking the "Submit Transfer Request" button, I indicate that I agree to the terms and conditions above.

Revised 6/2008