Clinic Information
Clinic Number Cut Off Date (midnight)
Last time to register
SA-61-0123-EGRH22 Saturday, January 28, 2023
Clinic Type District
Grassroots Referee In-Person Training State Association
Remaining Capacity Clinic Fee
19 $20.00
Clinic Host Name Host Email Host Phone
Susan Terry 469-688-3431
Facility Information
Facility Name Address
Richland College- Classic League Soccer fields 9500 Walnut Street
City State Zip Code
Richardson TX 75243
Clinic Instructions

Th clinic will be open to Classic League family's given 1st priority until January 15th with a code to be given out by host.
Pre-registration and completion of online material is REQUIRED.

Anyone requesting a refund after registering for the Grassroots Entry-Level Clinic will be given only a partial refund of $60 for the registration fees but will forfeit the $20 clinic fee.

Anyone who completes the online modules and in-person clinic and has their registration submitted to US Soccer will not be given a refund.

When creating a Learning Center account, please make sure all information matches the information entered in Name, address, email, and birth date must be exact matches.

If you are recertifying after more than 3 years, you have a USSF ID still and do not need to create a new account. You will log in using your original email address from your last registration.

For any questions, please contact Javier Perdomo at the North Texas Soccer office

Class Sessions
Sunday 1/29/2023 9:00am-12:30pm
Jeff Murray Grade Referee Mentor
 Lead Ethan Frie Grade Referee Mentor